We would like to hear testimonials from you about your personal experiences with the creams. You may e-mail us at firstaidcreams@att.net and we will post your testimonial here. We hope that the creams are helpfull to you and your loved ones.

Testimonial from Amy Lansky

Homeopathic creams are a terrific adjunct to a classically prescribed constitutional remedy. The vicissitudes of life often require a first aid remedy to be prescribed. If a homeopathic first aid cream can do the trick instead of an oral dose of a first aid remedy, interruption of the action of the constitutional remedy can be avoided.

I myself have benefited from these excellent homeopathic creams. I don’t know what I’d do without my Ledum cream when I go up to my cottage in Canada, which is surrounded nightly by the famous Ontario mosquitos. A little dab of Ledum cream and a mosquito bite is no bother to me! And both my sons could not have gotten through their teenage years without using Calendula cream on their acne breakouts.
-Amy L. Lansky, PhD

Urtica Urens Testimonial

I would like to tell you that your first aid cream really helped not long ago when I accidentally grabbed the hot handle of a saute pan that was just out of the oven while I was cooking in my kitchen. I quickly put a think layer of Urtica Urens cream on. The pain subsided very soon and I could continue to finish my cooking tasks at hand. I was amazed by the effectiveness of the cream. Thank you very much! It’s a great thing to keep handy in my/any kitchen.

-Min 11/10/12

Testimonial from Jenny Rawlings on Hypericum cream for a spider bite

I have been using the Hypericum Perforatum cream to help with a toe that had a spider bite. It has been enormously helpful in dealing with the pain. The creams from First Aid Creams Company are really well-made of high-quality ingredients – much better than most of the other homeopathic creams you can find on the market. Can’t recommend these creams enough! – Jenny Rawlings

Testimonial from Mary on Urtica Urens for a Reaction to a Red Pepper

As a Grandmother, I am pleased to report that your first aid creams have come to the rescue on numerous occasions.  Most recently, extended family was sharing a delicious white chicken chili to which certain family members added hot pepper.  One grandson, who really enjoys spicy foods, cut up several dried red peppers into his bowl of chili.  Toward the end of the meal he forgot and touched his hands to his face, including around his eyes.  As his father was helping to flush one very red and burning face, I suddenly wondered if Urtica Urens Cream would calm our grandson’s severe reaction. Not only was the cream highly effective, but it relieved his discomfort rapidly so that within minutes he was back at the table eating much to the surprise of all.  When I purchased the variety pack of creams in 2012, I wondered if they would be worth the price.  Oh my, yes!  Tiny bottles filled with gentle yet very effective healing properties have won me over.  Now  I’m considering gifting each of our families with some of your wonderful homeopathic creams.

Urtica Urens (burn creams) testimonial

One night this past winter, I was boiling water in a kettle for a cup of tea.  When the kettle whistled, I picked up a mug to pour the boiling water in, while at the same time the kettle sputtered and the water gushed out, instead of coming in its usual steady stream.  As a result, the boiling water poured over my left thumb, forefinger and the right side of my hand.  I put the kettle and cup down and raced to the sink, to run some cold water over my hand.  It hurt a great deal and was very red.  Then I remembered the Urtica Urens cream that I had, so i pulled it out and began rubbing it onto my hand.  It provided some relief right away.  For the next hour or so, I rested and tried to calm down, apologizing to my hand and sending it healing energy, while I traded off dousing it with cold water and reapplying more cream, whenever the pain levels escalated again.  At that point, I felt very tired and went to bed, after applying the Urtica Urens cream one more time.  I was amazed that the hand did not hurt at all during the night and was much better in the morning.  I do not know how it’s possible that my skin did not blister or peel or need any other treatment following the exposure to scalding water.  All I did was to continue applying the Urtica Urens from time to time and the hand healed completely and miraculously.  Thank you for your marvelous, healing balm!

Alice A.M. 3/17/14

Testimony from Deanna on Ledum for Tick Bites

   “I live in the country where I’m exposed to a lot of ticks, especially this time of year (May-July), and unfortunately this happens to be an especially good year for the ticks (2014).

    A couple weeks ago, while on the trail, I found a tick on my neck that must have just attached because it was a little hard to remove. When I got home, I find that I have not 1, but 3 tick bites, on my shoulder and neck that are red and inflamed. The tick bite on my neck was the worst as it was a hard lump and red as well.

    I knew I didn’t have Lyme Disease because the tick wasn’t embedded long enough, so I didn’t worry about that, however, in the past I’ve had bites like these last up to 6 months with a lump and itching!

    A dear friend loaned me some of Deborah’s Ledum Palustre Cream and I applied it to the tick bite 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days and the lump was nearly gone! Every time it began to itch, I’d apply the cream, which became less and less frequent until within 2 weeks it was completely gone.

    I am impressed with the speed that it worked, and the soothing factor that stopped the irritating itching. Any of the other insect bite creams or gels I’ve used have not worked nearly as well. This cream is also effective on healing spider and other insect bites that we get weekly!

    Thank you, Deborah!

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  1. Both the Arnica Montana and the Hypericum Perforatum Creams have been wonderful in helping to relieve stiffness and numbness in my shoulders and feet. An intuitive healer I consult suggested Hypericum Perforatum for numbness and aching in my toes and feet. I’ve been using it for a year off and on, whenever the numbness or tingling is noticeable and find it is immediately soothing and relieves these sensations. The Arnica Montana is new, just bought it, but it has been wonderful in relieving pain due to a frozen shoulder. The creams are luxurious and healing, a perfect combination!

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